Kalamazoo Social Media Week 2019

By: Bethany Gauthier and Tony Rastigue

Miller Auditorium was honored to take part in last week’s Kalamazoo Social Media Week events. Since 2009, Kalamazoo Social Media Week has helped to develop, sustain and elevate social media talent throughout our community. This annual event brings together industry thought leaders, local experts and aspiring social media professionals for special events that are educational and inspiring.

For over a decade on Facebook and Twitter (and more recently on Instagram), the use of social media has allowed Miller Auditorium to truly connect with our audience and share with them the thrill of the performing arts. By taking part in Kalamazoo Social Media Week activities, we were able to connect with industry leaders and enjoy sessions that included Quinn Tempest’s “Instagram with Intention” and “Mining The Hive Mind: How To Discover New Stories On Social Media” as presented by Lauren Young, Digital Producer for Public Radio’s Science Friday. There were also a great variety of presentations from local social media professionals who provided valuable ideas and information on the 2019 digital landscape.

Kalamazoo Social Media Week 2019 award winners

In addition to learning and networking, Miller also enjoyed recognition in the Kalamazoo Social Media Week Awards! Miller Auditorium won Best Use of Content from a Nonprofit with Haworth College of Business’s Dr. Scott Cowley and his Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies students. As part of this project, Miller worked with Dr. Cowley’s class to create Instagram stories and posts targeted at Western Michigan University students that highlighted WMU’s 50% student ticket discount. Thank you to Kalamazoo Social Media Week and Amplify Marketing for this award. 

To learn more about Kalamazoo Social Media Week, visit their site.

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