Miller Movies with the Campus Activities Board

By: Tony Rastigue



Western Michigan University’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) stays busy all throughout the year as they provide entertainment for the students of WMU. The board’s committee members program comedians, movies and engaging hands-on activities. “Miller Movies,” in particular, bring students together for only $1 to enjoy a popular movie on the big screen at Miller Auditorium. A big theatrical setting such as Miller provides the ultimate movie-going experience that certainly tops streaming a movie on your phone or laptop.

While movie theater attendance has seen a decline with the rise of streaming services, it is worth the experience of actually setting aside time to go out and see a movie. With the immersive atmosphere that Miller offers, movies can be enjoyed on an entirely different level. CAB is able to enhance the movie-watching wonders as they also offer popcorn while kindly greeting students at the door. If you missed a popular movie while it was in theaters, CAB’s Miller Movies grant the opportunity for you to either revisit a favorite movie on the big screen or experience it for the first time with your fellow students.

CAB members work hard year round to excite students with events to add to their experience here on campus. They recognize the need for entertainment among Bronco students and aspire to deliver on all of their needs through careful planning and excellent coordinating. They never seem to slow down and, after decades of being one of WMU’s most popular student organizations, we’re sure they will seek to keep students engaged and amused with more enjoyable events for years to come!

Visit WMU CAB’s main website:

Learn more about Miller Movies:


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