Miller Staff Profile: Lauren Hufford

LaurenPicName: Lauren Hufford

Title: Marketing Assistant

Years at Miller Auditorium: Almost three. 2015 is when I started as an area manager and I joined the marketing office in the summer of 2017

Hobbies: Crochet, reading, playing with my cat, watching Game of Thrones, being very nerdy about Latin and Greek.

Favorite Miller Shows: My favorite show I have gotten to see is The Book of Mormon, but I am really excited for Disney’s THE LION KING, too! I also have always loved working Commencement every semester. It is a long day, with three to four ceremonies each time, but it is so awesome to see how excited families and friends get for the ceremony and I get to hang out with the other people I work with all day.

One of the craziest experiences you’ve had while at Miller: I think the time I got to take a few of the New York cast members of Disney’s THE LION KING over to Sprau Tower to buy some coffee. I walked into work expecting to just sit at my desk and work, and in the span of just a minute or two, I was meeting cast members! Or when I got to meet Adam Savage after Brain Candy Live a few months ago.

-Compiled by Amelia Manley


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