Summer Distribution

By: Amelia Manley

On a Tuesday morning, bright and bleary eyed, Lauren, my fellow marketing assistant, and I left in our matching Miller shirts for summer distribution. After spending the better part of this week in the Miller van – even getting lost a few times, we can safely say that summer distribution is underway. We hit the road and started distributing our 2017-18 Miller season brochures all around the greater Kalamazoo area. We have gone to Portage, Battle Creek and, of course, visited many local Kalamazoo businesses along the way. Now this may sound like a lot of driving, but we passed the time with dramatic sing-a-longs to the radio, so don’t worry.

Lauren and I had a great time traveling around southwest Michigan and meeting many different business owners. We came across a lot of people excited for the upcoming season, especially our Zhang Financial Broadway in West Michigan series. The 2017-18 Broadway lineup includes great shows such as Kinky Boots, The Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music, and Disney’s THE LION KING. Others were excited for our Lake Michigan Mailer Spotlight series, which includes big names such as Trevor Noah, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live! and STOMP. We braved the heat of the dog days of summer, so please pick up a brochure when you spot them at local businesses and hotels. We plan on visiting more businesses as the season progresses with updates on upcoming shows and new show posters, so keep an eye out!

P.S. Would you like us to drop off Miller season brochures at your business? Drop us a line at


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