Miller Tunnel Tour

By: Jimmy Brand

Many of you have been through the doors of Miller Auditorium, but our building holds many secrets. I would like to share one of those not so closely guarded secrets with you.
Construction began on Miller Auditorium in 1965 and came with a price tag of 5.5 million dollars.


The curtain rose for the first time on Jan. 12, 1968 to a sold out house. Since that time, millions have walked through our doors. However, few have seen some of the behind the scenes areas at Miller, one of which is Miller’s tunnels.


Like many theaters, tunnels run the width and breath of the auditorium providing access to necessary utilities (and occasional housing for the Phantom).


Photo taken from tunnels located just below the seating area.


Access tunnel located under the main seating area.


Admiral Ackbar would be proud of this tunnel tour guide self portrait.

Our backstage staff are the most frequent visitors to the tunnels. Sound and light cables can require a trip down, as does the occasional dropped cell phone.

Miller has many more hidden spaces to share with our readers–stay tuned for more looks at Miller’s hidden gems.

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