Complexions Contemporary Ballet Master Class

By: Clayton Dusendang

Our Miller marketing team had the opportunity to attend a master dance class with Jillian Davis at Western Michigan University’s Department of Dance. Davis is a company member of Complexions Contemporary Dance, a group that visited Miller Auditorium as part of the 2016-17 Lake Michigan Mailers Spotlight Series. Davis has been dancing since the age of 3 and with Complexions since 2014.


The class was eager to absorb and learn from Davis as she led them through a choreographed routine. She offered great insight to the WMU students who will soon be pursuing their careers in the field of dance.


As part of our Miller Auditorium mission to enlighten, entertain and educate, we strive to offer outreach activities like community master classes as often as we are able.


There was an in house percussionist for the master class so Davis and the students had live music to dance to.

Thanks to Jillian Davis and Complexions Contemporary Ballet for their time and expertise!



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