YouTube Sensations Come to Miller

By: Clayton Dusendang

Hello all! One of Miller Auditorium’s fabulous marketing assistants here.

Being a Millennial, I, along with the rest of our generation, have grown up glued to the internet and portable technology. That being said, we grew up with a whole different means of communication between our age group; that  being social media.

What has changed about our society in the last decade that can be contributed to the internet is the ability for anyone to create their own content, find their tribe and create a following for themselves without any limits. Internet Celebrities, as I like to call them, have taken the stage by managing to sell their brand and create a living, all with the help of the internet.

Dan and Phil, British heartthrobs who found fame on YouTube, will be bringing their hilarious stage tour to Miller Auditorium. Their show is called  “The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire,” which is a collaboration of both their YouTube account names; “Dan is Not on Fire” and “Amazing Phil.”

I am completely fascinated by the fact that internet stars are making it by taking their cyber-shows on the road–which gives their fans the chance to interact and actually see them in person!

If you’d like to see The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire show at Miller on May 11, you can get your tickets here!



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