Miller Staff Profile: Tracey Lawie

546312_10101015287956712_64645855_n.jpgName: Tracey Lawie

Title: Marketing Manager

Years at Miller Auditorium: 17 years at Miller–and celebrated her 20th anniversary at Western Michigan University this week.

Hobbies: Currently in training for her third triathlon, Tracey enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and three dogs (Roxie Hart, Fiona and Samantha).

Favorite Miller Shows: Top three favorite Broadway shows are Wicked, RENT and Once. Other favorite events at Miller include Peter, Paul & Mary in concert, comedian Sinbad and Gordon Lightfoot. Gordon Lightfoot was especially meaningful because her dad was a huge fan and Tracey grew up listening to his music. When Gordon Lightfoot came to Miller in 2008, Tracey attended the concert along with her father.

One of the craziest experiences you’ve had while at Miller: Ron White’s plane broke down in Chicago before his 2008 performance. He arrived at 10 p.m. for an 8 p.m. show. Most of the audience stayed and waited and we made the best of the situation. Ron White put on a great show that was definitely worth the wait.

One of your favorite experiences while working at Miller: Tracey worked Willie Nelson’s 2001 concert and was impressed by Mr. Nelson’s commitment to his fans. Though many people stayed behind after his concert, he insisted on taking the time to talk to each and every one of them. It really showed how much he cared about his fans.

-Compiled by Bethany Gauthier


Tony Nominations: Five Things to Know

By: Jimmy Brand

Like every self-respecting Broadway lover, I  anxiously  await the Tony Award nominations each year. Also, like every 20-something you know, I have opinions on the subject and I feel like you need to hear them. Here are my top five reactions from this year’s Tony Award nominations:

  1. HamilTony Awards: Let’s start off by stating the obvious: This year the Tony Awards would be more aptly named the HamilTony Awards. As you may be well aware, the new Broadway musical Hamilton was nominated for a record breaking 16 Tony Awards. Regardless of what happens, Hamilton creator and Broadway cult leader, Lin-Manuel Miranda, will be bound to make a Tony splash on June 12.
  2. The Queen was snubbed: In a clear violation of what should be a New York state law, Audra McDonald was not nominated for a Tony this year. As of late, all the unofficial queen of Broadway needed to do to land a nomination was take the stage and let us bask in her glow, but not this year. Six-time winner McDonald wasn’t nominated for Shuffle Along nor, for that matter, were her two fellow Tony-winning co-stars, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Billy Porter.
  3. James Corden: I am 50 shades of excited for James Corden to host the Tonys. Whatever he has in store, it should not disappoint. Make sure to tune in for the live broadcast of the Tony Awards on June 12 at 8 p.m. on CBS.
  4. Jennifer is not pleased: Rumor is some people–including Jennifer herself–were disappointed that Jennifer Hudson was not nominated for her critically acclaimed performance in the Broadway revival of The Color Purple. Judge for yourself: JHud
  5. Tony Parties: Who wouldn’t be excited for the plethora of Tony-themed games and recipes out there to help plan your very own Tony party? Click here for some Broadway snack ideas from Bway Zone.

And, in conclusion, I think The Producers said it best when they said: giphy

Review: Matilda The Musical

By: Clayton Dusendang

For musical theatre junkies, attending a show you haven’t seen before is like Pokémon; you want to catch them all! For musicals, Matilda The Musical has been on my list for awhile. I was radiating with excitement when the opportunity presented itself to see Matilda!

Matilda The Musical is based on the classic Roald Dahl book about a girl who is incredibly smart, but ill-treated by her parents. The musical cast primarily features children who absolutely blew me away with their voices at such young ages. My childhood consisted of reading the Roald Dahl novel in elementary school and being extremely terrified of Pam Ferris as Matilda’s oppressive school headmistress in the 1996 film adaptation (Sorry, Pam). 

Another thing that kept me completely enamored with this production was the use of amazing special effects throughout the show. For those who are familiar with the show, you discover that Matilda has a hidden telekinetic ability  that she uses to her advantage to get back at the people who have wronged her and her friends. Without giving too much away, I will tell you that you will be amazed to see just how Matilda’s powers are used on stage.

I really enjoyed seeing a childhood story I loved come to life on stage with killer performances from a beyond talented cast.

If you are interested in learning more about the national tour of Matilda The Musical, visit their site:

That’s all, folks!

YouTube Sensations Come to Miller

By: Clayton Dusendang

Hello all! One of Miller Auditorium’s fabulous marketing assistants here.

Being a Millennial, I, along with the rest of our generation, have grown up glued to the internet and portable technology. That being said, we grew up with a whole different means of communication between our age group; that  being social media.

What has changed about our society in the last decade that can be contributed to the internet is the ability for anyone to create their own content, find their tribe and create a following for themselves without any limits. Internet Celebrities, as I like to call them, have taken the stage by managing to sell their brand and create a living, all with the help of the internet.

Dan and Phil, British heartthrobs who found fame on YouTube, will be bringing their hilarious stage tour to Miller Auditorium. Their show is called  “The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire,” which is a collaboration of both their YouTube account names; “Dan is Not on Fire” and “Amazing Phil.”

I am completely fascinated by the fact that internet stars are making it by taking their cyber-shows on the road–which gives their fans the chance to interact and actually see them in person!

If you’d like to see The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire show at Miller on May 11, you can get your tickets here!