WMU Commencement: Preparing for the Big Day


By: Bethany Gauthier

Miller Auditorium serves as the host for Western Michigan University Commencement ceremonies–which take place three times a year: Spring, Summer and Winter. We are honored to be a part of the celebration for WMU graduates and their families and friends, but it takes a lot of help to prepare for the big day. Miller Auditorium backstage, front of house and ticketing staff all do a lot of behind the scenes work for Commencement, but that is just part of what preparation includes. Many other WMU departments play an important role in Commencement–and we’d like to highlight a few of them.

WMU Landscape Services puts hours and hours into beautifying the Miller Auditorium grounds. There are brightly colored tulips blooming in the circle drive, lovely potted floral arrangements and decorated signs of congratulations from different departments at WMU.


WMU Custodial Services and their special projects team send extra staff weeks before every Commencement ceremony. Their team power washes our entrances, exits and stairs–not to mention all our windows, up to the highest level. They also spend days thoroughly cleaning our seating area, among many other tasks. All to help ensure our facility looks as good as it can for our graduates and their families and friends. Thanks to everyone who helps play a part in this important event and congratulations to the new grads joining us this weekend at Miller!

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